Ali Hasan

Ali Hasan – Syrian musician and contemporary artist

Since moving to Berlin, Ali Hasan has collaborated with many international artists. He has a playground with which he explores the harmonious relationship between movement, body and melodies and experiments with contemporary rhythm.

Hasan and the Darbouka drum have an old relationship: they met when he was three years old. At 12, Hasan joined his first teenage dance group in Damascus, from where they performed throughout the country. In 2012, he joined the “Groove” Institute for Tempo and Percussion in Syria-Masyaf under the supervision of academic music teacher Mohammed Shehade.

In 2018-2019 Hasan was a scholarship holder of the Company Sasha Waltz & Guests as part of the support program “Weltoffenes Berlin – Artist at Risk” of the Berlin Senate and Allianz Kulturstiftung. In 2020, he completed a long journey of discovery with the magical handpan at the Berlin Handpan Academy with master Zhynea Topov.

Currently, in addition to producing electronic music, he is studying with master Mohammad Riza Mortazawi at the Daff.  Ali Hasan is one of the co-founders of Baynatna Library. The Arabic Library in Berlin. He founded the art and music platform “We Belong To Music”. He is also a composer, curator and music consultant for the Resident Music Collective at the Humboldt Forum in Berlin’s Schloss.