Radiolab – Final Day

With a little delay, we still wanted to show you some impressions from the last day at our Radiolab. We also wanted to take the chance to thank all the amazing people that made this whole experiment possible. So thanks to everyone involved with Seanaps Festival for making the idea a reality and providing an extremely well-organized infrastructure. To all the kind volunteers, who helped us out at the lab. To all the amazing artists and workshop participants who performed on the station. To Leon Seidel for documenting our efforts visually. To the Villa Plagwitz for giving us such a cozy little studio to experiment in. And of course to all our listeners in the studio as well as online, on Radio Corax and on Radio Blau.

Very special thanks also to Wilted Woman and DJ Shlucht from Cashmere Radio, Tina Klatte from Radio Corax and Maximilian Glass from Seanaps Festival, who helped us to curate a schedule with outstanding content, to organize the studio equipment, and to run the station during the festival and thus gave us the best crash course in how to set up and run a radio station we could possibly imagine.

If any of you have feedback, thoughts or questions about the whole experiment, please let us know via contact(at) It will be a while until we will be able to set up a permanent station in Leipzig. Currently, we are working on finding a suitable studio and trying to wade the murky waters of german cultural funding in order to secure the financial situation of the project. If you liked what you heard and want to help with that, please don’t hesitate to contact us.