How do others?

Thursday, Nov 7, 2 pm – 4 pm

Panel and Project Presentation on DIY organization structures, financing, networking and sustainability 

In these two hours, several projects from the local economy, culture and urban gardening are invited to present their experiences and solutions regarding financing, organization, networking and sustainability in short ten min. presentations, each followed by a five min Q&A open to participants online and offline.

Following this, there will be a panel, reflecting the project presentations, sharing insights in possible solutions and discussing open questions in the development of diverse proposals on how self-, community- and environment-sustainable projects can be organized in a scalable way.

Part I is hosted by:

Part II is hosted by: 

  • Darko – freelance project developer that works on problematic of sustainability transition and inclusive citizens cooperative models.
  • Kathia – research, art, activism and lecturing in responsible design, activating environments and implicit narratives in social, physical and virtual space.