Sphere goes Tarmac Festival

Summer is slowly coming to an end. But before we really let that happen, we celebrate it once again properly. At the TARMAC festival.
Already for the fourth year different art and music collectives from Saxony-Anhalt, Saxony, Berlin, Brandenburg and Thuringia arrange the first September weekend on the airfield in Allstedt.
And Sphere Radio will be there again! We will have a look at the spectacle and talk live on site with the collectives, musicians, organizers and visitors.
Friday and Saturday we will be live at the festival and on the radio from 11:30-14:00.

On Friday noon or morning (depending on the time) around 11:30 we’ll get together, chat about our first night, expectations for the festival and play a few songs to kick off the start of the Tarmac with us at Sphere.
And then you can already expect a nice program with many different interviews.
From 12 o’clock Saskia talks to the artists Loy Bonheur (Lila Drache), Gili (Sleepless Floor). In the conversation they talk about their work as FLINTA*-persons in the collective structures of the free scene.
Thereupon the round opens and Joshua joins with Goldi (II. row) to talk together about the collective work and the experiences both on and independent of the festival.

Then Bella talks with Vanessa, who supports the rappers Dr. Dorax, the noie and the DJ / producer Kulmbach Friday night on stage vocally. This is her first appearance as a singer, which is of course very exciting and that’s what we talk about!
After the interviews with the musicians Jan will talk to the people from Direct Support. We will talk about a solidary handling of money apart from the capitalist system, classist structures that are created by this system, and what connection the work of Direct Support has with festivals.
…Afterwards, we will talk about the day and jump into the festival fray.
Saturday we will hear you again!

Saturday noon at the Tarmac Festival. We’re right in the middle of the festival action, dating each other at the start: What’s the mood like with the Sphere team and the visitors*? What happened during the radio break? Do we have any new discoveries to share?
12 noon TBA
Around 12:30, Nora will interview the Kleptos and talk to the rap duo about the (female) rap industry and where they get their inspiration.
Afterwards the Bierbabes will visit us and Bella will chat with them about their genre of booze pop, about their musical career and to what extent they see their music as a feminist act.

Afterwards, the Bierbabes come to visit us and Bella chats with them about their genre of booze pop, about their musical career and to what extent they understand their music as a feminist act.
And then, sadly, it’s already time to say goodbye. The Sphere team talks one more time about their impressions and anticipations for the last night before putting the microphones aside for now.

Have fun listening <3