Become a Member of the Sphere Radio e.V. (Association)

Hey YOU!
Guess what, we are finally a fully working NON-PROFIT ASSOCIATION and you can BECOME A MEMBER of this association, JIPPIE!!

Now we are looking for people to join us.
Sphere Radio is a free and independent social platform/radio and will stay like this! WE PROMISE that we work hard to keep this unlimited amount of freedom alive. Making it possible for each of you to keep doing exactly what we indiviually believe in.
The monthly membership fee, besides some unregular fundings (we hopefully get once a while), is currently our primary income for the association.
The fee is used to cover all running costs such as server costs, internet, technology, rent for the studio, consumables, insurance, GEMA etc. All this is necessary to keep the radio ON AIR and provide you with this ever-growing platform.

So, if you like what Sphere is about and you would like to keep it growing and running, feel warmly invited to BECOME A MEMBER of the association.