Fresh monothematic mixes presenting one musical key flavor in each show.

Selektra presents a special on one of the greats of Argentinian music: Luis Alberto Spinetta. In many projects he has led and albums he’s put out, ranging from full-on rock and blues to jazz-funk and fusion, his bewildering musical talent and signature sound prevails.

Behind each track there is an entire album waiting to be explored – so let yourself be enthralled by the discography of a genre defining musician.

This mix is (quite obviously) dedicated to Spinetta himself, but I’d also like to dedicate it to my friend Agustín, who has led me to discover lots of South American and specifically Argentinian music.


Sendedatum: 02/03/2024 18:00 - 02/03/2024 19:00

Sprache: Spanisch


Tags: DJ-Set music sonne glücklich Orange lachen

Spinetta Jade - Amenábar [Alma de Diamante]
Pescado Rabioso - Cementerio Club [Artaud]
Spinetta Jade - Moviola [Los Ninos Que Escriben En El Cielo]
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Yo Quiero ver un Tren [Mondo Di Cromo]
Invisible - Durazno Sangrando [Durazno Sangrando]
Almendra - Las cosas para hacer [El valle interior]
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Viento Del Azur [A 18' del Sol]
Spinetta Jade - Camafeo [Madre en Anos Luz]
Spinetta Jade - Ping Pong [Bajo Belgrano]
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Trampaluz [Fuego Gris]
Pescado Rabioso - Dulce 3 Nocturno [Desatormentandonos]
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Ella también [Kamikaze]
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Dime La Forma [Peluson of Milk]