Adapting to Complexity #3 w/ Vicaua & Justin – What the hell is /technology/ ?

We got together to make a mix around /what the hell is “technology”/  sharing and discussing thoughts, ideas & concerns around the matter.

We asked ourselves whether /technology/ really needs to go along with industrialization, alienation and destruction, and ended up with a very extended notion of /technology/, that instead highlights shared practices, collective strategies, natural phenomena, and hybrid encounters.

We got closer to: meditations, story-telling, transformations & states of trance, healing, altering consciousness, listening to plants and other nonhuman species… & came to understand /technology/ as means of overcoming limitations and connecting through diversities, very far from realms of whitesuprematist technocratic understandings.

//another tech is possible//



Sendedatum: 14/06/2020 21:00 - 14/06/2020 21:30

Sprache: Englisch

Sendung: Adapting to Complexity

Tags: Musik Sound Kollage graupel verbunden Violett kriechend

Phurpa - The Visualization
Klein - U got this
Pamela Z - Bone Music
Lucrecia Dalt - Mirage
Morgiana Hz - fýbrís amplicon
Réelle - Floating
Vicaua - Noize 1
Hybridoa - Mossphone
Dis Fig - I am the Tree
Sabiwa - Sirens
Elysia Crampton - Morning Star-Red Glare-Sequoia Bridge (ft. Jeremy Rojas)
Justin - Untitled Noise
Vicaua - Noize 2
YATTA - Solar