Bon Appétit #14

Asché Porsche is cooking a New Moon Saltwater Soup for you in celebration of transformative tears.

There are many reasons for heart breaks in this world. Many reasons to cry. But saltwater heals the tears of the heart, so that in can grow together bigger, able to love more determined. Cooking with your salty waters, embracing them may be a transformative practice towards a dehierarchization of the patriarchal western rational mind.

Saltwater Purification Ritual:
from Starhawk – Spiral Dance

fill a cup of water
add three mounds of salt and stir anti-clockwise
sit with the cup in your lap- Let your fears, worries, doubts, hatreds and disappointments surface your mind. see them as a muddy stream, which flows out of you as you breathe and is dissolved by the water in the cup. Allow yourself time to feel deeply cleansed. Now hold up the cup. breathe deeply, and feel yourself drawing up energy from the earth. let the power flow into the salt water, until you can visualise it glowing with light. Sip the water. As you feel it on your tongue, know that you have taken in the power of healing, of transformation. Now you can use it for cooking!
Or empty the water into a running stream or your drain.

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