Bon Appétit #17

Quarantine Cooking #2  DIS/CONNECTION

A Web of Relations. Isolated Bodies. Weaving connection through the internet. A gentle touch morphs into a threat of infection. The inside of my elbow used to be a secret place. What does connection mean? I feel kind of disconnected. The long forgotten recipe of my grandmothers nut braid surfaces again. Is this a possible connection? Since she remains a faint memory of dementia. The braided yeast bun used to be an offering for the dead. Anyway we make it vegan today. Lena is helping me, she is my guest and knows everything about milking plants. Lena and Lena will connect through the braided nut bread. You are welcome to join the connection.

Ca. 750 gr Mehl
1 Würfel Hefe
3/4 l Sojamilch
100 – 150 gr Zucker
150 gr vegane Butter,
geriebene Zitronenschale,
150 gr gemahlene Haselnüsse.

Sendedatum: 12/11/2020 19:00 - 12/11/2020 20:30

Sprache: Deutsch

Sendung: Bon Appétit

Tags: Kochshow Blues abendlicht zugewandt innig herzenswarm keine Farbe kochen