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orange issue release

We are celebrating the release of the second issue of hinterlands magazine with readings and music.

hinterlands is a print magazine for rural realities and narratives from Europe’s rural regions. In reports, essayistic prose and photographic formats, hinterlands magazine presents local reporting from villages and non-urban areas and creates a transgressive understanding of rurality.
The second issue shows the countryside as a space where both our pasts and futures are negotiated: How do we care about available spaces and resources? How do we deal with roots and sticky heritage? How can and how could we live?

Every issue of the hinterlands magazine is colour-themed. The current one compiles orange traces in soil and rust, in harvest, vegetation and kitchenware. The magazine contributions deal with ecological exploitation, the colonial history of a farmhouse, rural racism and the desires as well as the disgust that flat landscapes evoke.

We warmly invite you to celebrate the release of the orange issue of hinterlands magazine virtually with the editors and contributors of the magazine.

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