Island Time #17: Griot Special

This episode of Island Time comes from yours truly, bringing an hour of all griot music from the Sahel region of West Africa, showcasing a variety of takes on the ancient tradition, with an emphasis on stripped down and calming arrangements. Made to ride a wave of chill (though there are some harrowing and haunting vocals here) through these cold and challenging days of early November.

As a personal side, I had already planned on putting this mix together, when I was exposed to Covid and forced into a challenging quarantine situation that has left me somewhat exhausted. Listening through these artists, and playing these songs back over and over the last week has been a bit of a blessing for myself. With the current craziness, especially surrounding our presidential election here in the states, I find a lot of people close to me also sharing in this exhaustion. I hope this can help some of you find a sense of calm, and act as a minuscule contribution in combatting the closed off worldview that has taken hold over here. love, always

Sendedatum: 05/11/2020 02:13 - 05/11/2020 02:13

Sprache: Englisch Französisch

Sendung: Island Time Radio

Tags: DJ-Set Musik abendlicht neugierig verbunden verliebt Violett liegend schwimmend