Look Over Yonder #12

tasty roots and dubs. this month leads through lovely works of Karl Bryan teaming up with The Afrokats and Count Ossie, crucial versions of Little Kirks valuable Ghetto People Broke and unmissable Jah Shaka records

Sendedatum: 23/11/2022 19:00 - 23/11/2022 20:00

Sprache: Englisch

Sendung: Look Over Yonder

Tags: Musik abendlicht abends gemütlich keine Farbe kochen


Jackie Mittoo - Black Organ
Karl Bryan & Count Ossie - Black Up
Max Romeo - Johosaphatt The Lost Valley
Karl Bryan & The Afrokats - Money Generator
Errol Holt - Congo Dread
Keith Hudson - Playing It Right Dub
Dambala - Lorraine (Lexx Dub)
Bush Chemists - Payments
Restriction - Restriction
Mafia & Fluxy - Jah Covenant
Little Kirk - Killer Sound (Version)
Derrick Parker - Joy Ride (Dub)
King Kong - Try Not I (Version)
Little Kirk - Ghetto People Broke (Dub)
Wayne Jarrett - Bubble Up
Christine - One Saturday Night