Siblings of Zhina ژ

Murder of Zhina (Mahsa) Amini, a 22 year old Kurdish woman by the morality police on 16. September in Tehran has triggered an ever-growing series of self-organised protests in Iran, aiming at dismantling the state and patriarchal violence. Her murder ignited the feminist act of protest, the outburst of rage and mourning of her death while unveiling and waving the compulsory hijab, chanting Zhen, Zhian, Azadi (Women, Life, Freedom).

The result of more than 100 years of feminist fight for the emancipation of women, trans and non-binary in Iran.

There has never been such solidarity that brings together different class, queer feminist and indigenous struggles.

We are in solidarity with the feminist, queer and marginalised revolts across ethnicities and classes [in Kurdistan and in Iran].

For the day that hope is not a problem /
For a world in which hope is not a stupid word

Zhen, Zhian, Azadi is a world changing song; a slogan rooted in Kurdistan, a polyphonic feminist one, is a decentralised inclusive resistance movement against oppression, discrimination and classification. This is a fighting song against nation-state ideology and
patriarchy, a belief which in itself is a colonial project imported through the white west by imperial power and imposed upon the world.

Once violently draws the geopolitical borders to establish hatred, racism, sexism, ableism and transphobic regimes as normal. To divide and rule by gender apartheid, by marginalisation of ethnic groups and reinforcement of class divisions.

This is a unity movement around the differences and what is undercommon. It does not accept going under any hegemonic flag. All groups despite their diverse register of urgencies and agencies that mobilises their fight will not accept the imperial operation of
intelligence agencies [and surveillance capitalism].

And yet in solidarity this[/other] feminist movements and horizontal self-organised groups and collectives around the planet are crossing the borders and connect us together, spreads an alternative form of connectedness, everyday you hear of a new bond across the borders, in Rojava, in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kurdistan, Lebanon, Chile, Tunisia,
Turkey… stand in solidarity with the resistance movement [in Iran and in Kurdistan].

We do trust the collective wisdom!

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