Here and Now: The Subtle Pressures of Cairo


Episode 16 of the TIMEZONES podcast series, co-initiated and co-produced by Norient and the Goethe-Institut. This episode hosts three Egyptian composers, musicians, and DJs of various backgrounds and music styles. It sheds a light on actors in the music industry and tries to understand the music scene from a first-hand perspective. An immersive sonic experience of the city of Cairo.

Imprint and Credits


A podcast by Fajr

Co-initiated and co-produced by Norient and the Goethe-Institut

Featuring: Rama, Nancy Mounir, El Waili

Assistant Producer: Nouran Hatem
Mixed by: Ismael Hosny
Artistic Editor: Abhishek Matur
Project Management: Hannes Liechti
Video Trailer: Karrl
Jingle Voiceover: Nana Akosua Hanson
Jingle Mix: Daniel Jakob
Mastering: Adi Flück, Centraldubs
Artwork: Šejma Fere
Copy Editing: Elisabeth Meister

The TIMEZONES podcast series is co-initiated and co-produced by Norient and the Goethe-Institut. This episode is supported by Pro Helvetia Cairo, Swiss Arts Council.

Sendedatum: 25/10/2023 18:00 - 29/11/2023 18:23

Sprache: Englisch


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