#3 trans*bodies

„Trans* bodies“ is an episode about the life experience(s) of trans* people, trans* hatred, trans* liberation, art, texts full of emotions. We were able to welcome two guests in the studio: Jeremy (he) and Landa (she), activists from USA/Galicia and from Germany. Together with Martín (he/they) they talked about what the word trans* means and what it means to be trans* in our society, about embodiment and trans* bodies, about social expectations and the possibility to say no to these expectations, about what makes them feel empowered and how trans* liberation may look like.

In this episode you can also listen to a beautiful body letter written and read out loud by Maro (he/they). He accompanied the letter with music composed by himself! In the end there is a meditation to connect with yourself and others and an invitation to discover new musical horizons (surprise!). 

Everyone taking part in this episode is a trans* person. We believe that representation matters and we are very thankful for all people who have seen in bodytalk a platform for their feelings, their ideas and their activism so far. 

In this episode we will discuss topics that could be difficult or triggering for you! We would love you to take care of yourself and stop the episode at any moment if you need to. That is completely okay. Some topics that we discuss are trans* hatred, experiences of disphoria and structural and everyday discrimination.

We wish you a pleasent journey if you tune in! 🌈🎉💚

The episode is mostly in English and the body letter from Maro is in German.

Sendedatum: 04/06/2021 18:00 - 04/06/2021 19:00

Sprache: Deutsch Englisch

Sendung: bodytalk – Podcast

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