Queer tales

The show

In „Queer tales“, we offer our listeners positive and happy stories featuring queer people!

Most of the queer portrayals we grew up with (on screen, in books…) tend to focus on violence and tragic endings rather than the positive aspects of queer lives. These narratives surely are essential, although it can be hard for some people to project themselves into a happy and healthy future, if they’ve never been granted access to happy role models. So let’s give them these tales!

This show offers fictions, fairy tales, but also real life stories with LGBTQIA+ characters 🙂

Wanna share your real of fictive cute queer story ?

If you are interested in sharing a story, whether it is real or something fictive that you have created, don’t hesitate to reach out: +33 6  23 23 00 82

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Tags: Geschichte