100 days after Hanau. Chronicle of right-wing hate and assault

It not only sounds scary what is happening in Germany - it really is!
Christian Vooren collected revelations and abuses here for 100 days. 
The real number of unreported cases is likely to be  much higher. 
What is also completely missing here are the statements of the usual suspects.
They have firmly secured their place in politics in the meantime.
Although far too late - but after all - after the NSU, Halle, Hanau and 
all the other locations where the shift to the right pushes 
clearly to the surface day in day out, it actually almost (!) feels like 
the government is finally recognizing the impending danger of the right-wing 
cells, structures and parties. 
Somehow it all just scratches the tip of the iceberg. 
We have never put so many anti-constitutional words into our mouths as 
when reading this (supposedly critical) article. 

Our feeling: racism is simply hard to digest and music helps somehow. 


Source: Zeit Online

Sendedatum: 21/06/2020 14:00 - 21/06/2020 15:00

Sprache: German

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