30 lycopsid_ – HYDROSPHÄRE

Fresh monothematic mixes presenting one musical key flavor in each show.

Hydrosphere is a term referring to all of the water found on the earth, in all its different states of being. This mix is a sonic portrait of this idea;
a collection of music incorporating the sound of water in various physical and emotional forms. 

lycopsid_ is a Leipzig-based electronic musician, (occasional) visual artist and part of the Sphere Radio team. His debut EP under this alias „chlorine, serenity“, was released in February 2024 on the surf netlabel.


Sendedatum: 06/06/2024 18:00 - 06/06/2024 19:00

Sprache: without Speech


Tags: DJ-Set Soundscape music rainy tied up blue floating

james rushford - swanswing
marja ahti – coastal inversion
tomoko sauvage - clepsydra
jez riley french – snew | isu
perila – riot spring
jacob kirkegaard – melt (excerpt)
olli aarni – pihapuu
echium – melt
jana winderen – spring bloom in the marginal ice zone (excerpt)
olli aarni - ylhäällä
alexi baris – found formulae
tetsuya nakayama – 1590
francesco cavaliere & tomoko sauvage – rainforest synthesis
tomoko sauvage – fortune biscuit
action pyramid & jack greenhalgh – daylight / plant photosynthesis
perila – soaking riverb bonus bath
cucina povera – mesikämmenen veisu