#34 “Oblique Strategies” w/Paulina Sofie Kiss

The guest in this episode is Pauline Sofie Kiss.
An elementary part of her work is the play with listening expectations and the attempt to question music in its contexts. In order to create a sharpened awareness of the essence of sound and music, the studied violist and composer moves in the field of tension between genre boundaries.
She is the artistic director of the Detect Ensemble, consisting of musicians at home in jazz, contemporary and classical music. In cooperation with musicians and composers from different backgrounds, they play in the interstices of so-called high culture and sub- or club culture.
In addition to her own artistic work, she is a founding member of the Detect Classic Festival, where she is involved in the design process of dramaturgy and implementation.

For the music in this episode, we used the “Oblique Strategies” by musician/artist Brian Eno and multimedia artist Peter Schmidt. “Oblique Strategies” is a card-based method for encouraging creativity. Each card offers a challenging task designed to help artists (especially musicians) overcome creative blocks by encouraging new impulses.

Paulina Sofie Kiss


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Sendedatum: 26/07/2023 18:30 - 15/07/2023 19:00

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