Adapting to Complexity #5 w/ EVER1SY2T3MH45RUL6S : Dice-Session

Adapting to Complexity #5 w/ EVER1SY2T3MH45RUL6S – Every System has Rules / Dice-Session

Drawing on systems theory and pure chance, the temporary grouping of EVER1SY2T3MH45RUL6S underwent a procedure of strategic composition. Though the aim remained rather diffuse throughout the process, it hovered somewhere around exploring the possibilities of unspectacular ambient and the replacement of creative choice with a state of relaxed (and slightly indifferent) participation, somewhat hauntologically reminiscent of 90ies gaming sessions.

First, the three participants developed a set of rules and decided on their variables (all within the range of 1 to 6). Then, 4-6 dices were played in turn to determine the parameters, and in case of dead ends, basic democratic lobbying tools were used to change the direction of sound.
The show is a condensed version of the session, ideal for sleepy times.

EVER1SY2T3MH45RUL6S happened on 4/9/20 thanks Oliviers residency programme and consists of Kurort Spandau, Olivier Gobelet and Justin.



Sendedatum: 20/09/2020 21:45 - 20/09/2020 22:15

Ort: Leipzig / Berlin

Sprache: German without Speech

Sendung: Adapting to Complexity

Tags: Workshop Sound Collage Sound Art in the evening facing no colour laying