Adapting to Complexity #6 w/ SeaSlug + Zarrt

This time, Adapting to Complexity features a contribution by SeaSlug + Zarrt: 30 minutes of DIY sound from the original prehistoric kitchen table production setting, featuring Raghu handling the PingPong.
The piece has been originally made for a Cashmere Radio exhibition in Munich and is a sort of exploration of those objects we might encounter daily but never consider them beyond their so-called “purpose”. By devoting them attention and giving them the room to sound, the piece highlights aspects of their possible multiple existences.

SeaSlug and Zarrt are frequent collaborateurs, having produced amongst others quite an archive of danceable radio mixes for SeaSlugs show on Cashmere radio, Perlmutt aka Pearlescent:

Stay tuned for their future productions <3

Sendedatum: 25/10/2020 21:45 - 25/10/2020 22:13

Sprache: without Speech

Sendung: Adapting to Complexity

Tags: Sound Art in the evening attentive no colour cooking