Adapting to Complexity #9 w/ Justin – Canopic Vase 21

time contains vases and vases contain time. as a receptacle for our dead, vases become urns. one type of urn are canopic vases, made in the ancient town of canopus, whose lids where formed like human heads. canopus is also the second brightest star in our night sky and maybe the most important star in spaceship navigation.
thus, canopic vases also contain the future. no wonder then that canopus, a pilot in greek mythology, died from a serpent’s deadly bite as serpents are bearers of both death and resurrection.


Sendedatum: 17/01/2021 21:45 - 17/01/2021 22:15

Sprache: without Speech

Sendung: Adapting to Complexity

Tags: Music Sound Collage morning light morning expectant no colour laying

Yikii - don't forget the butterfly
jusnjjshh - canopic vases
mu tate - Saltwater
Eternal Dragonz - Leevisa
Kenji - luxury airport (mix)
Hiele - Tik Tak
Nueen - V444V
Feu St-Antoine - L'eau par la Soif
Club Sync - dont look at me that much
tumy - and I just wanted you to know that I think our love'll grow