Season 2 The Revolt Continues | Episode 6: Military and Obedience – Masculinity and Violence Part II

*Trigger warning: In this episode, we continue to talk about violence, forms of violence and related dynamics. This can have a psychologically stressful effect under certain circumstances. If this is not the right thing for you right now, we look forward to welcoming you to the next episode!

In the second episode on the topic of masculinity and violence, we mainly talk about the social levels of violence and ask questions about the connection between patriarchal ‘culture’, education to obedience, consistent exclusion of women and concrete (male) violence. Here, it is mainly men who have done military service who have their say. What did they learn there? What methods were used in the NVA, for example, and with what goal?

Sendedatum: 20/01/2021 18:00 - 20/01/2021 18:41

Sprache: German

Sendung: Die Revolte beginnt auf Gut Holmecke

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