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#SoGehtSolidarisch – Action Day on 14th June 2020 in Leipzig

This Sunday we will create an inseparable band of #solidarity throughout Leipzig. We will protest inseparably for a future in which we stand in solidarity with each other – responsibly keeping our distance.

The Corona pandemic has been immobilizing us for months now. The majority of people are affected by its impact, but it is clear that this crisis does not hit everybody equally. Preexisting inequalities are intensifying further and further, such as the exploitation of migrant workers, the disenfranchisement of refugees, or racist profiling and stop-and-search operations on the streets. For people who experience racism this crisis represents a new level of discrimination.

We want to demonstrate for an anti-racist society!

Our route:
For these reasons there will be a section on the demonstration solely dedicated to anti-racism on Sunday, stretching from Aldi supermarket at Eisenbahnstrasse to Otto-Runki-Platz to Konstantinstrasse until Ludwig-Erhard-Strasse.

Our program:
1-2pm: radioshow with Music of Color
2-3pm: speeches and cultural input

Music of Color” is a BIPoC cultural collective, focused on visualizing and supporting Black, Indigenious and People of Color and their work. Through weekly radio shows on Radio Blau, regular dance and music events, and their own record label they want to represent different members of their community expressing themselves in various forms. On our action day „band of solidarity“ they will deliver an empowering kick-off with their community radio show.

Sendedatum: 14/06/2020 13:00 - 14/06/2020 15:00

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