Dope Gal Africa w/ Mc Yallah – 26th June 2021

Gifted Ugandan based Kenyan rapper Mc Yallah joins me on Dope Gal Africa for a chat about her career, inspiration, collaborations with producers Eomac and Debmaster as well as her most recent release on the Tewari Album featuring acclaimed Berlin based producer Scotch Rollex aka dj Scotch Egg _ An Album that featured many Kampala based Nyege Nyege affiliates including, Chrisman, Don Zilla, Duma’s Lord Spike Heart and singer Swordman Kitala.

Mc Yallah also shares some interesting thoughts on the pandemic, her work with Nyege Nyege and gets us excited about her upcoming album with Debmaster called “Lionesss.” Yallah also gladly gives us a taste of one of her more experimental  tunes “No one seems to bother” featuring smashing Metal vocals from Duma’s Lord spike heart.

MC Yallah is a prime mover in East Africa’s fertile electronic dance music scene. Her debut album on the Nyege Nyege sub-label, Hakuna Kulala was a full-on collaboration with Berlin-based riddim wrangler, Debmaster with whom she will be releasing her new Album “Lioness.”

Air date: 26/06/2021 19:00 - 26/06/2021 20:00

Location: Uganda

Language: English

Show: Dope Gal Africa

Tags: Interview Music Podcast Talk Noise Experimental Hip Hop Trap Afro house Singeli dark in the evening sun evening light bright delighted Dancing happy Energetic yellow black dance laughing flying

Tracklist: 1. Cheb Runner ft Mc Yallah, kuiyuo & Catu Diosis - Ngolo
2. Debmaster ft Mc Yallah - Dunia
3. EOMAC ft Mc Yallah - Kakana
4. EOMAC ft Mc Yallah - Mama waliwamaanyi
5. Scotch Rollex ft Mc Yallah - Omuzira
6. Scotch Rollex ft Mc Yallah - Juice
7. Debmaster ft Mc Yallah - Badadan (Unreleased)
8. Debmaster ft Mc Yallah & Lord Spike Heart - No one seems to bother (Unreleased)
9. Catu Diosis - Agaga Remix(unreleased)
10. Catu Diosis - ATAXIA B2 Edit