EAST PARK AND FICTION – Brachflächen für Alle

Some people live for years next to a green space without knowing that there are urban political discourses about it. This is what happened in the east of Leipzig, where for years various initiatives are thinking about how their district can escape capitalist exploitation and the monopoly of profits. Playfully prepared you can listen to different voices from the past, present and a possible future and try to let fiction get out of reach.

A radio play by Amir and Anna for families and those who are bored. Have a nice day, and don´t forget your Kiez needs you!

With the support of Sphere Radio eV and funds from the federal program “Nationale Projekte des Städtebaus – Parkbogen Ost” and in the partnership for democracy “Leipzig. Ort der Vielfalt 2020” as part of the federal funding program “Demokratie leben!” Leipzig.

Park der Vielen

Sendedatum: 15/11/2020 14:00 - 15/11/2020 15:00

Ort: Leipzig - Volkmarsdorf

Sprache: German

Tags: Feature evening light in the afternoon rainy attentive expectant bright green freeze cooking laying sitting