Frothed Nucleon’s Squiggly Tunes – Episode IV: – A New Kaleidoscope

Keep on keeping on: picking up where we left off last month with another selection of hazy, dream-like, guitar-driven harmonies and melodious compositions. Plunge into your comfiest loungechair and warm your earlobes up for an hour of whim, sorrow and raga emotions. Broil yourself in lukewarm sake!

Sendedatum: 15/11/2020 20:00 - 15/11/2020 21:00

Sprache: English

Sendung: Frothed Nucleon’s Squiggly Tunes

Tags: Sound Collage Music experimental Field Recordings Freak Folk Classical evening light bright warm-hearted loving bewildered orange laying

Tracklist: Quickspace - Superplus
Man Man Man - Perpetuum Mobile
Gem Jones - Ectomorphic Love
Girly Sound - Gigalo (Can’t Get Out What I’m Into)
Los Siquicos Litoraleños - Temprano Me Los Comì
James Ferraro - Twilight Pretender
of Montreal - Does My Voice Not Have Wings
Alexandra Drewchin - Cake It On
ar italia - fffffroffing
Buffy St. Marie - The Angel
Buffy St. Marie - Guess Who I Saw In Paris
Sparkling Wide Pressure - Chimes Laid Down
Stereolab & Nurse With Wound - Simple Headphone Mind