elysium solidity #1

sensi.ble’s new radioshow, elysium solidity, is launching on Sphere Radio! In this first episode, he outlines the concept behind the show and delivers a DJ mix to introduce his aesthetic notion of future that led to starting this show. More to come! Check out the linked board on Are.na for some references.

Sendedatum: 15/03/2023 19:30 - 15/03/2023 21:00

Ort: Leipzig

Sprache: German

Sendung: elysium solidity

Tags: DJ-Set Music Sound Collage music in the evening attentive uneasy thrilled no colour floating sprinting crawling dance

Tracklist: perila - cyx
otilo - serpent [infinite drift]
xphresh - myst [3XL]
dean blunt & inga copeland - energy god
DJ ojo - strange exchange [pressure dome]
OL - shatter dub [motion ward]
stone - pink orange [theory therapy]
dopplereffekt - Mandelbrot set [leisure system]
marie davidson - vie et mort d’un ego [weyrd son]
OL - inasan [asyncro]
huerco s. & SIR E.U - plonk IX [incienso]
ura - 4give [motion ward]
special guest dj - makeout dub [INDEX:records]
sensational ft. planteaterz - you don’t know me like that [naff]
korsssakov - prison mukbang [haunted space]
atrice - 11million [docile outros]
angel d’lite - liquid skies [planet euphorique]
vardae - litteraturformen [perchépolis]
roza terenzi & hame DJ - steam baby [radiant records]
sky h1 - elysian heights [ad93]
exael - composure [3XL]
james K - ultra facial! [ad93]