elysium solidity ep8 ~ chirp

winter’s over, huh? dwelve into hazy spring moods with sensi.ble in this episode of elysium solidity – this time with plenty of textures inspired by nature, like digital chirps and metaverse-style creek sounds.

Sendedatum: 20/03/2024 19:00 - 20/03/2024 20:00

Sendung: elysium solidity

Tags: DJ-Set Ambient Glitch experimental sun amused orange flying

Tracklist: lycopsid_ - gleitphase [surf]
vic bang - zzii
lia T & stina - a window [daisy records]
sleep inc. - way to the dawn
atte elias kantonen - 030652_0125ꜱ12.ᴡᴀᴠ
shinichi atobe - ship-scope [chain reaction]
flaty - U C [gost zvuk]
atte elias kantonen - hey, [soda gong]
other joe - brainfreeze [theory therapy]
ura - baby with a halo [motion ward]
asuna + tomoyoshi date + federico durand - down through the tunnel to the river
slowfoam - savor it [somewhere press]
otilo - torsial moment [infinite drift]
exael - spilt [west mineral]
terekke - evaporain
k2dj - interna fiores w/ more eaze [3xl]
私__バッグ & 檳榔袋鼠 - 沉睡的蒲公英 (Sleeping Dandelions)
enchanted lands - barrockstadt feathered symphony