Hackeando el Género vol. 2 . Live Coding by Mitzi Olvera at Mercenarias del Fango’s VR concert

Mitzi Olvera uses Sonic Pi to produce her music and is a Mexican live coder.

Mitzi is part of Híbridas y Quimeras, a collective that seeks the dissemination of experimental music made by women, in safe and discrimination-free environments to freely socialize our sound practices and reach mutual learning. The aesthetics of what is presented is mainly, but not exclusively focused on, electronic noise. “Hybrid chimeras” will present a series of shows which protagonists will be (mainly) Latin American female musicians’ commented sound pieces through a brief interview in which they will explain how they work, what tools they use, and their ideas on the experimental music scene.


Sendedatum: 20/05/2020 20:00 - 20/05/2020 20:26

Sendung: Híbridas y Quimeras

Tags: Concert Music