Island Time #14: Cabo Verde Special with Rackham Le Groove

A special episode of all Cabo Verde music coming to us via Paris, France through the DJ Rackham Le Groove. Here is his words on today’s episode:

The mix focuses on Cabo Verde music and spans from the early 70’s to the 00’s. It is composed as a journey within a wide range of typical genres from the island, like coladera, morna, or funana, but also pop, reggae and funk.
It started smoothly but escalate step by step to fast paced track, some of which are tested and approved on the dancefloor.. For those who can keep up with the pace!

Rackham Le Groove is a DJ from Paris, who is part of various music collectives. He also curates the youtube channel Back for More.
In parallel, he drives a van sound system ( that go countryside and festivals in France to spread the good music.
His focuses mainly on African, Caribbean and South American music, from the old gems he found digging during his trips to the more recent music to create a varied atmosphere of warm groove.

Sendedatum: 24/09/2020 15:31 - 24/09/2020 18:30

Sprache: English Portuguese

Sendung: Island Time Radio

Tags: DJ-Set Afro Disco Kizomba bright curious orange laughing cooking flying