Island Time #27 Spanish Flamenco Fusion 1970 – 1989

This week’s Island Time takes us briefly out of the tropical zone to visit the south of Spain, the site of Flamenco, a centuries old music form born out of a mixture of influences from travelers with Arab, Indian, Gregorian and Jewish roots. Here with a focus on its transformation during the 70s and 80s, with musicians trained in its heritage fusing its core into the modes of hard Psychedelic funk, disco, and electronic pop music. This selection chooses a mix of both popular musicians to their respective scenes and also some lesser known artists. Enjoy!

Sendedatum: 25/03/2021 15:01 - 25/03/2021 18:30

Sprache: English Spanish

Sendung: Island Time Radio

Tags: DJ-Set Music Flamenco Arabic Traditional Disco / Boogie Psychedelic Rock evening light curious Interested orange red running working