Island Time #40 with Analog Dakar Club

This week on Island Time brings back another offering from Analog Dakar Club, a collective of DJ’s passionate about analogue African popular music – vinyl records and tapes – which has been organizing parties in the Senegalese capital for two years.

The mix is a journey from the West Indies to West Africa, back and forth, A mix of rhythms and cultures where it’s hard to say who inspired who. The African influences in the West Indies music is obvious but we also found a lot of Caribbean patterns inspired songs all over West African artists. And we added some rare and outstanding 7″ just dug.

Cover pic is a picture by Senegalese photographer Omar Ly from Podor

Air date: 23/09/2021 17:30 - 23/09/2021 18:30

Language: English German French

Show: Island Time Radio

Tags: DJ-Set Music sun amused orange cooking