Island Time Radio #6

This is a mix of Bachata music of the late 80/90’s. This genre of music originated in the Dominican Republic and it’s a type of tropical-folky blues, with a heavy emphasis on songwriting. The themes sang, are typically about heartbreak, a lost love, or betrayal. These are ballads, sung with deep emotion against the backdrop of highly skilled guitar playing.

I chose specifically this timeframe because, to me, the sound is the perfect blend between traditional guitar playing and the introduction of electronic synthesizers & drum machines. I grew up listening and dancing to many of these artists at backyard bbq’s, holiday parties, and family events. Enjoy!


Sendedatum: 04/06/2020 17:30 - 04/06/2020 18:30

Sendung: Island Time Radio

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Teodoro Reyes - Nada Sientes Con El

Kiko Rodriguez - Ese Verde De Tus Ojos

Antony Santos - Donde Estara

Casilda Rodriguez - Me Enamore

Raulin Rodriguez - Dame Corazon

Luis Vargas - Con Los Crespos Hechos

Teodoro Reyes - Hombre No Mueres De Pena

Raulin Rodriguez - El Ñoño

Casilda Rodriguez - Que Sera

Tito Gonzalez - Hay Amor

Bachata Pura - Merengue Mambo

Antony Santos - Te Vas Amor

El Canario Del Amargue - Si Tu No Me Puedes Querer

Ramon Cordero - Manantial De Amor

Leonardo Paniagua - Fue De Los Dos

Joe Veras - El Hombre De Tu Vida