Jenny Sharp & shape at the Studio

Jenny Sharp and Shape got to know each other where they shared the same musical spirits. Somewhere between beats, subfrequencies and open minded rhythms. So that’s where they come together on sphere radio with a broad range from futuristic dancehall to uk funky and Baile funk. This will be a shift from what you know from the dancefloor but will keep you mindless moving.

Sendedatum: 06/05/2024 18:00 - 06/05/2024 20:00

Sendung: Specials

Tags: DJ-Set Baile Funk UK Dance / Grime Dancehall sleet amused no colour diving

Jenny Sharp:

Moritz von Oswald - Volta
Nok Cultural Ensemble - Ancestral Visions
DJ Caio Santos, Cunha, Scalioni - Desfilando
Mia Koden - F.T.S.
SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL + MARS89 - Dangerous Combination
African Head Charge - Push Me Pull You
DJ Danifox - Aguenta
Rs Produções - MICROONDAS
Toupaz - Maudlin Lakitu
Piezo - Limbow
unkle G - celine D
Trim - Vending Machine (Alphabets Heaven Mix)
Ivy Lab - Cava
Etch - Belladonna & The Poppies
Product Toss - Rondon
Al Wootton - Tone Circle
Mxshi Mo, Hagan - African Technology
DJ Polo & NKC - Demon Leak
Jneiro Jarel - Bird Charm
JOHNNY BRAVO - Sanzala Dos Mbumbu
DJ Anderson do Paraíso - PINCELADA DE ANGOLANO
VHOOR - Assovio ft. D.A.N.V
Rs Produções - Funeral
MTG Weird Baile - VUKA7RON (2099)
Mesqit - Drena
Humildes do SC - Aquecimento Tecnológico Do Gw
Kazeno - Calma
Elk_Music - Passa & Joga