Lager 2 Session Episode #21

ayeeeeee, this episode features the recording of a concert i had the pleasure to play with my band Radial Engine for the Interzone Festival.
It was pretty exciting for us to play in some sort of live setting after all this time, thats why I want to thank Leipjazzig for organizing the concert and all of Interzone.
We played some chunks of songs, mixed with improvisations and drones, while electronically live manipulating our instruments.
Fabian Adams-Kipping  –>  Sax, Synth
Tobias Fröhlich  –> Bass, Synth
Jan-Einar Groh  –>  Drums, Synth

Air date: 26/05/2021 22:00 - 26/05/2021 23:00

Location: Kulturnhalle, Leipzig

Language: German

Show: Lager 2 by horG Kollektiv

Tags: Improvisation Concert Music in the evening attentive tied up red constantly sweating