lange nicht gehört #2: a trip into rap.

We happily welcome Tobi Adam again, who will now find his place on the show permanently!
This time, the two of them brought their childhood memories of hip hop and what has evolved from it today. Tobi enjoys the advantages of digital distribution, while JJ in his ivory tower wonders why no new trends are reaching him. Have fun!

Air date: 01/12/2021 19:00 - 01/12/2021 21:00

Location: Leipzig

Language: German

Show: lange nicht gehört.

Tags: Talk Music cloudy frustrated no colour sitting

Tracklist: Sister Nancy - Bam Bam
Stieber Twins - Malaria ( Remix) (feat. Sammy Deluxe, Max Herre)
Fanta Vier - Leck Mich
Der Tobi & Das Bo - Is Mir Egal (Tobitob Remix)
Deichkind - Schweiß Und Tränen
Pierre Sonality - Mondschein Serenade
Pöbel MC - Alman Brothers
T9 - Geh Ins Licht
Shirin David - Be A How/Break A Hoe
Diplo - ?
Galv - Die Summe
Nas - The World Is Yours
Momo Mercedes - MTV
Betty Ford Boys - So Fine
Tightill & Donvtello - ?
Earl Sweatshirt - Hive
Megan Thee Stallion - Pimpin
Sensational - Freak Styler
Lizzo - Juice
Hiob - Aberwitz (feat. Pierre Sonality)
Pöbel MC - Bildungsbürgerprolls
Elequent & Warpath - Heiliger Zorn
Rocket/Freudental - Ihr Seid Alle Yogalehrer
Dramadigs & Grasime - Leprechaun