Live coding VR Concert. Hackeando el género

01.05 4am German time & 30.05 9pm mexican time

Gepostet von Híbridas y Quimeras am Mittwoch, 15. April 2020

We are really excited to announce the first project of our collaboration with mexican female experimental music collective Híbridas y Quimeras called “Live coding VR Concert. Hackeando el género” It´s happening Thursday night 4 am European time and 9 pm Mexican time. 

Here their announcement: 

Mercenarias del Fango, part of Centro Cultural Border’s Annual Thematic Program, presents a Live Coding concert with awesome Mexican talents in collaboration with TopLap Mexico and Sphere Radio through Fábrica VR (where the last Algorave CDMX was held), a space on the open-source Hubs moz: // a platform that allows an immersive social experience in shared 3D spaces. 
The platform for Hacking Gender. VR Live Coding concert is a recreation of an actual place in Mexico called Fábrica (or factory) that was set up for TopLap’s Mexico City latest virtual algorave. To login we will post a link in FB, IG and Twitter an hour or so before the show. There’s no way to get lost, it is a very easy-to-use space. 

We are very excited and hope to see you there!

Sendedatum: 01/05/2020 04:00 - 01/05/2020 05:00