Sphere Radio Guestshow: Makhtesh Ramon by Møn & Alina Sauernheimer for Radia Network

After our last project “Radiolab” at Seanaps Festival 2019, we got asked by Knut Aufermann of the Radia Network if we would be interested to host one of their weekly guest shows which will be broadcasted through all participating stations of the network.
For sure we said yes and the Radioplay “Makhtesh Ramon” by Møn and Alina Sauernheimer was born. Check it out via one of the stations or the Link below.
Thanks to Alina Sauernheimer and Møn for the Produktion as well as Leon Seidl and Christoph Mü who helped out with the Mixing and Mastering. Excuse the noise, we´re still in practicing mode when it comes to recording voices ;).

Makhtesch Ramon

One night and one day in the world’s largest erosion crater in the Negev desert, Israel.
Absolute silence, only noises from Dingo’s sniffing our tent in search of something edible. Unreal dreams and then, get up.
It is 4:00 o’clock in the morning, time to get up to reach the hike to the top of the next mountain before sunrise and to follow the play of shapes, light and noiselessness.
Is there a more peaceful place? Even the shape of the crater looks like a heart …

No one except us as far as the eye can see. No noise, no wind, only silence and a sky full of incredible colors.
We sit, about 20 minutes and I think to myself: “This is probably the quietest place I have ever been”. And as if I had conjured it up, suddenly an unreal deep roar from nowhere. What’s this? First, amazement, a little uncertainty, then: “Oh no, they’re jet fighters. Jet fighters who will probably practice their next missions.

Disillusionment spreads the throwback to reality. We are only 350 km away from Syria. Are they sent to war? The situation becomes even more surreal than it already was and the recording device that I had initially switched on to record the silence now documents the play of sound and crater in which every sound that gets stuck in it, is thrown back in all directions. Unreal compositions of Echoes from all directions made by Jetfighters breaking the sound barrier.

This moment raised a lot of questions in me and I had the feeling that another level was needed to make the experience felt. So we decided to make a kind of radio play out of it and to use the recording as the basis for it´s text.
So it happened that I asked my friend Alina about her interest, she was immediately into it and I sent her the recording + a few situation anecdotes and she wrote down what happened to her during listening. In the end, this text came out.


Recording, production and idea: Møn (Simon Clement)
Text and voice: Alina Sauernheimer
Mastering: Leon Seidl
Picture: Omri Shmulewitz

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