Neue Reize / Transmission 11

Another Zygoot Special with released and unreleased jams from far, far away.

Chase the stars and keep on dreaming.


Artwork by Leon Seidel.

Air date: 18/04/2021 20:30 - 18/04/2021 21:30

Show: Neue Reize

Tags: Music Sound Art Sound Collage Soundscape evening light in the evening cloudy dark morning light in the morning at night attentive delighted happy Interested speechless white have a shower flying diving laying sitting


Zygoot - Z.A-1
Zygoot - Y.A-2
Zygoot - G.A-3
Zygoot - O.B-1
Zygoot - O.B-2
Zygoot - T.B-3
Zygoot - unreleased
Zygoot - unreleased