Notiz für die Welt danach #121

Announcement for the rally “the Statue of Peace must stay!” on Fri. 24.05.24 8.30 am at the Roten Rathaus, Berlin

The statue of peace must stay!! Call For Rally

Friday 24, May 2024
AM 8:30-10:00
In front of the Rotes Rathaus

The Governing Mayor of Berlin Kai Wegner (CDU) was in Japan last week. There he met with the Japanese Foreign Minister Yoko Kamikawa. The press release from the Senate Chancellery on May 16 states that he “holds out the prospect of a solution for the controversial monument to the comfort women in Berlin” and “is committed to ensuring that there is a monument against violence against women*, but a one-sided representation must no longer take place”. Excuse me?

The peace statue in Berlin symbolizes so-called “comfort women”, the women* and girls* who were abducted and forced into sexual slavery during the Asia-Pacific War. The plaque states historical fact, there is no “side”. Not only Asian communities gather at the statue, but all those who stand against sexualized violence and show solidarity with the suffering of “comfort women”. Only the Japanese right-wing conservative government is “controversial”, not the statue!

Since its erection in 2020, the statue has grown as a meeting place for various groups from the neighborhood and beyond. Kai Wegner had never been there. Why can he have a “solution” without having seen it? We, the people who were born and raised in Japan, want to continue living in Berlin with the Statue of Peace!

Therefore, please come in large numbers to the rally on Friday, May 24th at the Rotes Rathaus! The Statue of Peace stays!

People from Japan together with the Peace of Statue

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Sendung: Notiz für die Welt danach

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