Old dirty laundry #34

“Old Dirty Laundry” is kind of a laundromat for dirty ears. The finest beats and Hip Hop records are routinely used in a spin cycle and the familiar crackling of the record leaves a comfortably warm feeling, like a fresh pair of socks.

Old dirty laundry#34: FLY WAVES

FLY WAVES is a Sydney based DJ hailing from Milan, Italy. FLY WAVES long time dedication to Hip Hop shows in many forms and rhythms, from old school jams to brand new drops, remixes and edits. Growing up around the rap scenes both locally and internationally FLY WAVES is proud to bring her flavour to the decks showcasing her curated selections. From chilled smooth sets to the wettest of sweaty dance floors FLY WAVES is known for her paramount versatility and genre bending style. FLY WAVES accompanies rapper Barkaa as tour DJ and has played shows for names like Children Of Zeus (UK), Oddisee (USA), Kaiit, Milan Ring, Oka, True Vibe Nation and more across Australia, and made presence in Italian radio and the New York’s downtown’s Pianos.

Air date: 25/03/2022 21:00 - 25/03/2022 22:00

Location: Australie

Language: English

Show: Old Dirty Laundry

Tags: DJ-Set Classic Hip Hop Hip Hop bright amused violet dance