Old Dirty Laundry #40

“Old Dirty Laundry” is kind of a laundromat for dirty ears. The finest beats and Hip Hop records are routinely used in a spin cycle and the familiar crackling of the record leaves a comfortably warm feeling, like a fresh pair of socks.

Old dirty laundry#40: Ranko

DJ, beatmaker and smooth operator Ranko comes around the corner with a good vibe. Between housy and relaxed, Hip Hop, Chillwave or sounds from Disco and Ambient, there are no limits to his sound. From the headquarters in Bremen, he likes to spread the news of funkyness in the world live on the microphone. With his last release he shows his entire musical spectrum and walks lightly in the sound cosmos between genre boundaries. For Old Dirty Laundry he mixed his current favorite tracks from the Hip Hop universe plus one or two lost classic tracks.  

Sendedatum: 24/06/2022 21:00 - 24/06/2022 22:00

Sprache: English

Sendung: Old Dirty Laundry

Tags: DJ-Set Hip Hop bright amused violet dance