Old Dirty Laundry #52

“Old Dirty Laundry” is kind of a laundromat for dirty ears. The finest beats and Hip Hop records are routinely used in a spin cycle and the familiar crackling of the record leaves a comfortably warm feeling, like a fresh pair of socks.

Old dirty laundry#52: Alba

ALBA has been stirring up the music scene in Nuremberg (her hometown) for four years now. In addition to numerous DJ gigs in the city’s scene hotspots, she also founded her own club night: GOODIES, with events in Munich and Nuremberg. Although she works full-time as a music journalist, she has dedicated herself to her hobby and has been able to develop her skills over the years. She is now completely based in Munich, has her own show there on Radio80k and has already played with DJ crew Schlachthofbronx in Munich’s Olympia Stadium or at SPLASH! Festival. ALBA’s sets are versatile: her style moves somewhere between Baile, Bass, Breakbeats, Afro, House and UKG – all united by Hip Hop: the heart and home of the artist. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on a faster foot or in quieter areas, like with this Ol’ Dirty Laundry mix: her energy behind the desk is contagious and is easily transported through listening. Don’t miss out!

Sendedatum: 24/03/2023 21:00 - 24/03/2023 22:00

Sprache: English

Sendung: Old Dirty Laundry

Tags: DJ-Set Hip Hop UK Dance / Grime bright amazed violet flying