Radiolab @ Seanaps Festival 2021

For the third time, a temporary radio station will be set up for the Seanaps Festival as a laboratory for radiophonic experiments. This year, the Radiolab hosts three artists as laboratory operators who explore the spaces of the radio medium from the station’s headquarter in Villa Plagwitz: Actress, theater maker and musician Ana Berkenhoff, sound artist Adam Frankiewicz, and film and radio maker Sara Lehn.

In addition, Radiolab receives guest contributions from, among others, Lukas Grundmann (Cashmere Radio), Lukas Holfeld (Kunst Spektakel Revolution/Wutpilger Streifzüge), Caspar Leder (Radio F.R.E.I.), Elissa Stolmann (Cashmere Radio), Elisa Ueberschär & Tanja Krone (30 Stunden Runder Tisch) and builds radio bridges to Community Radio Tbilisi in Georgia and the exhibition ‘doku.ARGU.Experi.PIg.’ in Berlin.

Accompanying the Seanaps Festival, the radio also provides insights into the backgrounds and approaches of the invited artists and live streams the concert program from the Westbahnhof every evening on the airwaves.

**The Radiolab broadcasts daily from 10 a.m. online via the stream of the radio collective Sphere Radio. The program will also be available on FM thanks to the cooperative network with the local free radio stations Radio Blau (Leipzig), Radio CORAX (Halle), and Cashmere Radio (Berlin).**

The fifth edition of the Seanaps Festival 2021 will take place in Leipzig from September 23 to 26, 2021. The festival sees itself as a space for dialogue, linking artistic, participatory, socio-cultural, and (cultural) political ideas and concepts. The cross-disciplinary program consists of eight live concerts, walk-in sound installations, interventions in public spaces, a radio lab, an open-air film program, readings and panel discussions, as well as several workshops. The invited local, national, and international guests from various networks of experimental music, anti-racist educational and cultural work, as well as artistic mediation formats, form plural perspectives on current social processes.

You can find the festival and radio program at:

Stay spherical!

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