Notiz für die Welt danach #57

Today is Antiwarday in Germany. In Japan, we remember 98th year after big Kantô Earthquake. After the earthquake, there was rumor, that koreans poisened well water and as result many koreans were killed. Since 5 years Tokyo gouverner (who is member of Nippon Kaigi, which is right wing patoriotic, history revisionistic group) doesn´t write any commemorial leter any more and more and more people denies the massacre. I want that Japan will dispute with its history seriously! And today from 6 pm there is a demonstration at Oranienplatz, where Napuli is fighting for the rights of refugees and much more. All these things from today in the show.

Air date: 01/09/2021 21:00 - 01/09/2021 22:00

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Show: Notiz für die Welt danach

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