Sags Uns. Zärtlich und Zornig: Betroffenenperspektiven mit sexualisierter Gewalt/Vergewaltigung

On 15.04.2021 in each case 18:30 on ( GUEST CONTRIBUTION with sags uns! Podcast from affected persons’ perspectives on dealing with sexualized violence/rape: tender and angry (german)

A podcast that empowers, that makes you angry, emphatic, proud, sad, strong and brave!
Recently produced by a part of the group sichtbar & selbstbestimmt from Leipzig. Send your feedback to – the Pöge-Haus thanks very much for making this contribution available!

Sendedatum: 15/04/2021 18:30 - 15/04/2021 19:00

Sprache: German

Sendung: Sags uns!

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