Slug Protocols | Klasse für Performative Künste der HGB

The sound pieces and guided imaginations in Slug Protocols are played in the classroom at specific times. Visitors are invited to sit on black mats. Jade-colored latex curtains hang in front of the windows. The sound spreads in space.

The Performative Arts Class of Prof. Isabel Lewis and Lissy Willberg, published under the title Slug Protocols Processes in, around, and near the HGB and in their classroom. What unfolds is a lively program that weaves together both collective and individual acts across multiple spaces. Temporary collectives emerge that form, dissolve and reassemble in a different form. The project includes visual and acoustic elements that guide visitors through time and space. As in all of biology: the basic form remains and changes with each repetition

Sendedatum: 12/02/2022 14:00 - 12/02/2022 16:01

Ort: Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst, Leipzig

Sprache: English

Sendung: Specials

Tags: Improvisation cloudy snow tied up warm-hearted black laying

Tracklist: Lennard Bernd Becker
nearly (excerpts from 25:30)

class for performative arts

Haiguang Li, Chiara Mila Jasón, Louise Schibli
heute leider nicht (excerpts from 15:39)

Nicole Burnett
paternoster 3:22

TUB/ Nataly Hulikova
plasticrain 4:48

Viti-Ko Schell
water 16:35

TUB/ Nataly Hulikova
eggproduction 5:23

Chiara Mila Lior Jasón
The one that is me but an-other 6:13

Annika Stoll
soft transformation I 5:01

Louise Schibli
Merchönnted 3:24

Viti-Ko Schell
I watched myself 1:42

Valentin Sautier & Viti-Ko Schell
Slug Dating 12:24

TUB/ Nataly Hulikova
aguardar 7:25

Harriet Meyer
there are no bones in your body which hold you 10:16

TUB/ Nataly Hulikova
2020 12:00