Songs about Sex #4

This episode is all about sex. But not all sex is the same: We present five songs that all take a sex-positive perspective, but still differ greatly thematically and stylistically. We feature Ebow, Nura, Dr. Bitch Ray, Layla and Bounty & Cocoa – so it’s a colorful palette and it gets hot!

Sendedatum: 26/07/2022 18:15 - 26/07/2022 19:00

Sprache: German

Sendung: adlibs

Tags: Podcast Gangster Rap Hip Hop / R'N'B evening light in the evening in the afternoon amused satisfied thrilled delighted astonished devoted attracted loving red violet have a shower going cooking sweating

Ebow - La petite mort
Layla - Creamy
Nura - Lola
Dr. Bitch Ray ft. Tightill - Pussyjuice
Bounty & Cocoa - Mach mal Platz