Soundgaleria Kaufhof #1 – I’m looking forward to it!

Spoilt for choice in front of the CD shelf?
Buying frenzy in the record store?
Bargain hunting on Spotify?

Not with us.

For our first show, Depp Blatter and DRY – both from the Soundgalerie Crew – each put together a one-hour mix.

While Depp Blatter digs his way through countless cosmic disco and house tracks, DRY’s selection is limited to four tracks, which will fill the hour nonetheless.

Serving suggestion: A horizontal posture and some good headphones.

More from Depp Blatter:
More from DRY:

Roll the sound!

Sendedatum: 05/11/2020 20:30 - 05/11/2020 22:30

Ort: Leipzig

Sprache: German

Sendung: Soundgalerie

Tags: DJ-Set Music Cosmic Disco House Dark Ambient experimental Ambient Techno Leftfield Techno in the evening attentive black violet flying floating diving laying

Depp Blatter (00:00-00:58):

Jeff Bridges – Feeling Good [Isle of Jura]
Harmonious Thelonious – Abel [Versaitile Records]
Puma & The Dolphin – I’m Just Too Shy [Crevette Records]
Jura Soundsystem – Carpe Diem [Isle of Jura]
Gateway Shuffle – Vanishing Tide [Open Space]
RVDS – Minuet de Vampire [Music for Dreams]
Jura Soundsystem – Karahi King (Dub) [Isle of Jura]
Millos Kaiser – Robô Dançante (Edit)[L.I.E.S]
Nummer – Sea Junkies [Nummer Music]
Montezumas Rache – Wu Du Wu [Second Circle]
Bear Bondes, Lay Low – Voces De Humo (DJ Plead Belly-Roll Mix) [Ok Spirit]
DK – Frozen World [Antinote]
Moscoman – Subaru Pesha (Roman Flügel Remix) [Disco Halal]
Aiwo Posse – Your Love [Themes For Great Cities]
Phaser Boys – Including No Informations [Aiwo]
Jura Soundsystems – The Lantern Story [Isle of Jura]

DRY (00:59 - 1:59)

Oren Ambarchi – Fever, A Warm Poison [In the Pendulum's Embrace, 2007, Southern Lord Records]
Radare – Please Let Me Come into the Storm / Luke [Im Argen, 2015, Golden Antenna]
Spatial – Reification [Decouple ][ Series, 2019, OOH-sounds]
Craven Faults – Slack Sley & Temple (Live Works) [Live Works, 2020, Not On Label (Craven Faults Self-released)]